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Tech Lemda is an independent provider of remote computer tech support for third party products or services. The support services that we offer are also available in the brand owner or manufacturer's official website

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Techlemda is a highly reliable and cost-effective tech support or computer support service provider company believe in offering Remote Managed Services to be the ultimate IT solution for you. Our customers always select to stay with us because of the quality we provide, and that too at unrivaled prices. Our customers always choose to stay with us because of the quality we offer, and that too at an affordable price.

Techlemda's Remote computer tech support Services includes installing firewalls securely and remotely on customer’s system, via the Internet. Our objectives of high performance & security at every level of its architecture allows you to get any kind of system related or technological issues resolved easily and instantly without getting delayed. Tech support for computers makes use of remote Web services to communicate over the networks or the Internet.

Through online computer tech support, your computers can now deliver proactive, rapid computer repair and support services with advanced remote troubleshooting capabilities. Our goal is to reduce time-to-repair, and increase reliability and uptime.

The two major online computer tech support remote management services are the Agent and the Server. PC support that handles Remote Management Services functions at your site. This particular software is installed to provide Remote PC technical support to the online customers is installed directly as a software download that online pc technical support sends as an email attachment or via Live chat. Computer support services takes only about a minute to download and it is compatible with all known firewalls and requires no configuration. You just need to download it and get pc help instantly, in order to fix computer related issues easily and instantly.

Why choose us computer technical support

  • Highly certified, experienced, qualified and dedicated professionals
  • Ability to Resolve any technical issue, no matter how tricky it is
  • Quick availability to provide instant tech support.
  • Reliable Services and Result Oriented Services
  • A Team of Dedicated Professionals to assist you Instantly.
  • 24x7 and 365 days a year Remote Technical help and support
  • We Provide highly Secured Remote Access
  • Offer Individual plans for individual needs
  • We take Full Responsibility for the security of your precious data.
  • 100% customer satisfaction with Result oriented work

If you have any issues relating to software, hardware, scanner or need any kind of Computer tech support then you can simply call us at our toll free number which is- 1-888-991-4681 to have your issues fixed.

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Computer technical support just three steps away

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The TechLemda Annual Assurance Plan for computer support Includes & Covers:

24/7 Remote Online Technical support (Unlimited)

  • Connectivity with PC Peripherals, Cameras/Camcorders, MP3 Players
  • Networking, Wi-Fi, Access Point Setup
Software Support, computer support, printer support
  • Industry grade Optimization Software
  • 15 GB storage space on Cloud

Starting at just $199.99/year.